1. Member-led

BPSA is an international, industry-led non-profit group whose aim is to encourage and advance the adoption and implementation of Single-Use manufacturing systems worldwide through education, sharing of best practices, development of consensus guidelines and business-to-business networking opportunities.

2. Represents the industry to regulatory bodies, and more

BPSA educates and portrays the advantages of Single-Use systems to a variety of audiences, including suppliers, users, potential users, government agencies, to include FDA, the trade press, and standards-setting organizations.

3. The industry’s networking resource

BPSA leverages its member-expertise to educate and inform its constituencies and stake-holders through the conduct of annual meetings, the creation and operation of issue-specific subcommittees, its presence and promotion of Single-Use at a variety of trade shows and events, and its affiliation and presence with SOCMA, the recognized voice of batch chemical manufacturers. SOCMA promotes innovative, safe and environmentally responsible operations, which are internationally competitive and contribute to a healthy, productive economy.

4. Encompasses the full “value chain” of the Single-Use industry

BPSA represents resin suppliers, component manufacturers, systems integrators and end-users of single-use disposable systems.

5. Corporate (not individual) members

BPSA is a non-profit organization that relies on voluntary dues contributions of its members. BPSA, unlike an engineering society or individual professional group, is comprised of dues-paying companies and organizations that assign key technical and management personnel to serve as liaisons and participants in BPSA activities. As such, members can assign multiple representatives to serve as BPSA participants for a single-member price.

6. Seeks industry consensus at all levels

To achieve its education goals, BPSA has established standing committees open to participation by representatives of member companies. See BPSA Committee listing here. Consensus-building is central to these functions, and committee participation is open to all BPSA member-company representatives. BPSA also collaborates with other organizations including BPOG, ASTM, ASME-BPE and DECHEMA.

7. Publishes “best practices” guidelines

Over a dozen technical guides have been published through BPSA’s Technical Committee, and are available online, including 2015 Component Quality Test Matrices Guide; 2020 Recommendations for Testing, Evaluation, and Control of Particulates from Single-Use Process Equipment; multiple Cell and Gene Therapy Resources; Design, Control, and Monitoring of Single-Use Systems for Integrity Assurance; and Extractables/Leachables Considerations for Cell & Gene Therapy Drug Production Development, among many others.

8. Overseen and populated by industry experts

BPSA is led by 19-member Board of Directors. BPSA currently has more than 65 diversified member organizations.

The current Board of Directors can be found here.

9. Affordable and effective

BPSA is an affordable and time-efficient way for component manufacturers, integrators and end-users to network and navigate the issues and opportunities that promise increased efficiencies and cost savings inherent in the adoption of Single-Use. Dues in BPSA are tied to organization type and size, and encompass two categories: Manufacturers and End Users. Dues range from a minimum of $4000 per year, to a maximum of $8000 per year. Associate (non-voting) memberships are available to consultants, academics and academic institutions who are engaged in pursuits related to the bio-process industry and are not otherwise qualified for membership (dues $1100 per year).

10. Easy to join

Applications for BPSA membership are available here. For additional information, please contact BPSA Executive Director Chris Clark at 571-348-5109 or [email protected]

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