BPSA is an international, industry-led non-profit group whose aim is to encourage and advance the adoption and implementation of Single-Use manufacturing systems worldwide through education, sharing of best practices, development of consensus guidelines and business-to-business networking opportunities.


Participate in BPSA technical committees to create “best practice” guidelines and educational resources to promote Single-Use adoption and advancement.


Connect and collaborate with the Single-use Industry “value chain:” BPSA members represent resin suppliers, component manufacturers, system integrators and end-users of Single-Use systems


Be part of the industry voice that educates and portrays the advantages of Single-Use Technologies to a variety of audiences, including government agencies, the trade press, and standards-setting organizations.


Attend networking and educational events to strengthen industry connections and hear expert insights on latest trends and key issues impacting the industry.

Membership Types

BPSA is an affordable and time-efficient way for component manufacturers, integrators and end-users to network and navigate the issues and opportunities that promise increased efficiencies and cost savings inherent in the adoption of Single-Use. Dues in BPSA are corporate (not individual) and are tied to organization type and size.


Tier 1: Companies in the Single-Use production sector with sales of less than $2M or are non-manufacturers of Single-Use products or components (such as engineering and design houses, service providers or contract laboratories). Tier 2: Companies manufacturing components used in Single-Use Systems with sales of $2M or more
Tier 1 Dues : $4,000
Tier 2 Dues : $8,000

End Users

Tier 1: Companies that are categorized as “small bio-pharma” or pharmaceutical concerns and/or bio-tech companies, with fewer than 100 employees. Tier 2: Bio-pharma or bio-tech companies with 100 or more employees.
Tier 1 Dues : $4,000
Tier 2 Dues : $8,000


Non-voting membership available to consultants, academics, and academic institutions who are engaged in pursuits related to the bio-process industry and are not otherwise qualified for membership.
Tier 1 Dues : $1,100

Our Members

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“BPSA has been an immensely helpful organization both to my company, and to my professional career. It has helped our company stay connected with the evolution of biopharmaceutical industry and the challenges it continually faces. On a personal level, BPSA has provided me with opportunities to learn about the industry, network with suppliers, end-users and others that I would not have otherwise met, and develop my career through involvement with technical committees and contributing to industry-wide white papers.”

Nicholas Troise, PendoTECH