BPSA’s member volunteers are the life blood of the Alliance. Active committee participation affords unparalleled networking opportunities and allows participation in overcoming industry obstacles to SUT adoption. The time commitment for the below technical committees is approximately 6-8 one-hour web exes per year.

The catalog of BPSA technical guides and educational webinars demonstrate the strong commitment of BPSA committee volunteers.

To join a committee or for more information, please contact Jeanette McCool at [email protected].

Technical Committees

The Bio-Process Systems Alliance’s (BPSA) technical committees are guided by its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), chaired by Kirsten Strahlendorf, Sanofi Pasteur. The SAB focuses on the technical direction of the Alliance, including oversight on technical projects and initiatives, and crafts responses to technical questions received from outside the Alliance.

Automation Committee

Board Sponsor: Kirsten Strahlendorf, Sanofi Pasteur
Committee Chair: Floris Hooijenga, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream will address the biopharmaceutical industry’s experience with single-use bioprocess automation, including best practices and lessons learned, and explore the needs for the future to bring processes and single-use bioprocess automation to the next level.
Committee 2022 Goal: The 2022 goal of this Committee is to gather and share industry experiences and present these findings in a webinar (with round table discussion).

Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Committee

Board Sponsor: Robert L. Sassa, W.L. Gore & Associates
Committee Chair: Brendan Lucey, Entegris
Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream will continue to educate CGT stakeholders on best practices and lessons learned in single-use bioprocessing manufacture. The committee will also complete the third in its series of cell and gene therapy technical guides on Viral Vector manufacturing in Q2 of 2022. Existing guides can be found here.
Committee 2022 Goal: Release its guide to Viral Vector Manufacturing and host a webinar on the subject, market existing guides, and complete the committee’s next industry guide on the state of cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Continuous BioProcessing Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: David Chau, 3M & Davinder Chawla, Sanofi Pasteur
Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream will address the biopharmaceutical industry’s experience to recommend best implementation practices of single-use systems for continuous bioprocessing, develop a gap analysis of single-use systems pertaining to continuous verses batch bioprocessing, present industry challenges on continuous bioprocessing with integration of other novel processing aspects, and application for both continuous and semi-continuous processes.
Committee 2022 Goal: The 2022 Committee goal is to complete a guideline paper on best practices in Continuous Processing that covers upstream drug product.

Integrity Assurance Committee

Board Sponsor & Committee Chair: Patrick Evrard, Pall Corporation

Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream will complete its work on Part II of the BPSA SUS Integrity Technical Guide. Part II of the current guide will be released in late Q2 of 2022, and will include practical experiences via case studies, application of control strategies supporting single-use system (SUS) reliability, industry best practices on handling/training, updates, examples of risk assessments, impact on SUS designs, and specific assessments on SUS operating at high pressure will be explored.

Committee 2022 Goal: The 2022 Committee goal is to publish and conduct a webinar on Part II of the Design, Control, and Monitoring of Single-Use Systems for Integrity Assurance. Part I can be found here.

Sustainability Committee

Board Sponsor: Mark Petrich, Krystal Biotech
Committee Chair: Magali Barbaroux, Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream provide member stakeholders information on how Single-Use Technologies support biomanufacturing’s call for sustainability and takes actions to prove that BPSA seriously tackles sustainability concerns. It allows members to be informed on environmental sustainability tools and trends in the biomanufacturing industry and in the polymer industry, to share ideas and best practices.
Committee 2022 Goal: The 2022 Committee goal is to formalize key messages and communication strategy to support the positive environmental impact of SUT and the commitment of BPSA members to drive circularity.

Annotated Bibliography of Single-Use Sustainability Articles
BPSA Sustainability Committee Single-Use Technology Glossary

X-Ray Committee

Board Sponsor: Kirsten Strahlendorf, Sanofi Pasteur
Committee Co-Chairs: Samuel Dorey, Sartorius Stedim Biotech & James Hathcock, Pall Corporation
Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream are focusing on the future of irradiation sterilization in the form of X-ray, as increasing capacity constraints impact delivery for the rapidly growing single-use market.
Committee 2022 Goal: The 2022 Committee goal is delivery of the second in a series of technical guides in Q2 2022, titled X-Ray Sterilization of Single-Use Bioprocess Equipment. Part II, and host subsequent webinar presentations.

BPSA Member Networking Committees

BPSA Membership & Marketing Committee

Board Sponsors: Todd Kapp, Entegris & Joseph St. Laurent, Chemic
Committee Chair: Erin Bush, Cytiva
Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream will focus on membership retention and recruitment, as well as marketing BPSA meetings, webinars, and publications, creating BPSA social media strategies, and supporting various BPSA member initiatives.
Committee 2022 Goal: Given the proven strong market pull for BPSA content, the 2022 Committee goal is to refine BPSA’s marketing plans and strategies for its growing catalog of educational guides, webinars and conferences, and how to take best advantage of its growing database of interested external customers.

BPSA Program Committee

Board Sponsor: John Boehm, CPC

Committee Objective: Volunteers to this workstream will focus on future BPSA educational program content, including webinar content and program topics and speakers for BPSA face-to-face conferences, i.e., the BPSA Summit.

Committee 2022 Goal: Identify speakers and topics for the 2022 BPSA webinar Speaker Series and BPSA’s July 2022 “mini-Summit.”

Additional BPSA Committees (no volunteer positions open)

BPSA Industry Data Committee

The industry data committee launched in 2017, as a “pilot program” to demonstrate the joint feasibility of collecting and sharing pertinent industry business data. These initial efforts culminated in the November 2019 release of A Market Data Report 2015-2018.
The data published in 2019 can be requested (with binding non-disclosure agreements) by BPSA-Member organizations in order to assess product quality defects, and evaluate, in real terms, risks associated with the employment of polymer-based bio-process systems for drug manufacture.
As a follow-on to the “2018 Report”, BPSA continued to engage in data collection, and will release its update with a “2021” Report, reflecting (pre-COVID) data, built upon enhanced structure and elements of the 2018 Report.

BPSA Scholarship Committee

The BPSA Board created the Jerry Martin Legacy Scholarship Fund in 2015. Scholarships from the fund to date has awarded scholarships to North Carolina State’s Biomanufacturing Training & Education Center (BTEC), Texas A&M’s National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing (NCTM) and Worcester Polytechnic’s Biomanufacturing and Education Training Center (BETC). Committee chairs are past BPSA Chairmen Emeriti, Ken Bibbo, John Boehm, Jerry Martin and Rick Sullivan.

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