ARLINGTON, VA – The Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA) announced the release of its latest guide, Design, Control & Monitoring of SUS for Integrity Assurance: Volume 2, which serves to follow up to BPSA’s 2017 guide, Design, Control & Monitoring of SUS for Integrity Assurance.

The increasing use of single-use technologies (SUTs) in bioprocessing has made integrity assurance a critical quality attribute for both suppliers and end-users of SUTs. In 2017, the BPSA published the Design, Control, and Monitoring of Single-Use Systems for Integrity Assurance that provided recommendations to both suppliers and end-users in the single-use technology industry regarding strategies, tools and procedures that can assist in providing enhanced assurance of integrity of single-use systems.

This 49-page guide (Volume 2) provides case studies illustrating the principles developed in Volume 1; updates to key technologies used by the industry; updates to the regulatory landscape and industry guidance, and case studies covering specific applications such as elevated pressure situations and containment of powders. The guide also addresses essential concepts such as Quality by Design (QbD) and fostering collaboration between suppliers and end-users.

“The bioprocessing industry has made tremendous progress on leak and integrity testing of SUS over the past few years, and the examples and case studies included in this guide illustrate the progress the single-use industry has made,” said Patrick Evrard of Cytiva, and Chair of the BPSA Integrity Assurance Committee.

“I want to thank the BPSA Integrity Assurance Committee, and its Chair, Patrick Evrard of Cytiva, for their leadership and hard work on this guide,” said BPSA Executive Director, Chris Clark. “This guide is an important tool for suppliers and end-users alike and supports our mission of driving the adoption of SUS worldwide.”

Please visit to download the guide.

About BPSA The Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA), an affiliate of SOCMA, was formed in 2005 as an industry-led international industry association dedicated to encouraging and accelerating the adoption of single-use manufacturing technologies used in the production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.