2020 BPSA Benchmarking Report

A Data-Driven Assessment of Single-Use System Reliability: 2016-2019

A BPSA Benchmarking Report, 2020 Update

BPSA is pleased to release “A Data Driven-Driven Assessment of Single-Use System Reliability 2016-2019.” This is referred to as the “2020 Report” reflecting enhanced (pre-Covid) data, built on the structure and elements of an earlier version.

As background, dating back to 2017, BPSA-leadership envisioned a “pilot program” to demonstrate the joint feasibility of collecting and sharing pertinent industry business data. These initial efforts culminated in the November 2019 release of a pilot “system reliability report.” The 2019 Report has been widely used by dozens of BPSA Members to enhance risk-assessment evaluations.

The BPSA Report(s) utilize actual data assembled from systems integrators around the “business of single-use” allowing for the compilation of complaint data around five SUS (Single-Use Systems) product categories. By request, the data published in 2019 has been shared (requiring a binding non-disclosure agreement) with BPSA-Member organizations in order to assess product quality defects, and evaluate, in real terms, risks associated with the employment of polymer-based bio-process systems for drug and vaccine manufacture. Now, we are pleased to make available the updated 2020 version.

The new “2020 Report” is available to members now, and can be accessed by contacting Kevin Ott, Executive Director of BPSA at [email protected]. Please note the new report is available to BPSA Members only, as per the previous version.

BPSA’s data-collection efforts are continuing, and will be further enhanced with a release of the “2021 Report” in 2022, upon completion and aggregation of additional data.

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